Timoteo-Carreras Soto (ENGLISH)

Acest capitol este scris în limba engleză pentru a fi accesibil oricui caută „Timoteo-Carreras Soto” în lumea întreagă...


Timoteo-Carreras Soto was a Spanish engineer (Seville) who created a number of remarkable technical drawing albums since 1955. They can be found in various places on the Internet.

Doing more research, I recovered - I think - all these works and I present them below in a unitary list, for those interested. This way you will have them all together, without having to look for them. If you find other similar works by the same author, please report them to me ( constantin@stancescu.ro ), to include them here.

Please, when using elements of these works in personal publications, mention the author (Timoteo-Carreras Soto) and the title of the work, etc., as they are given on the covers included in the files you download below.

You have two options: either selectively download the separate files on albums (between 4 and 7.5 MB each), or the set of all albums at once (307 pages = 102 MB).

Sorry, but the names of the drawn objects are written in the Romanian language.

(5.3 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_01 - organe chei carlige.pdf
(7.5 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_02 - menghine robineti chei.pdf
(8.9 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_03 - biele carlige lagare.pdf
(4,8 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_04 - lanturi carlige palane.pdf
(5.0 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_05 - leviere biele.pdf
(5.5 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_06 - manetoane capete biela.pdf

(4.0 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_07 - suporti turnati cadre.pdf
(4,7 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_08 - cuzineti lagare transmisii.pdf
(5,4 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_09 - valve siguranta abur.pdf
(5,0 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_10 - lagare rulmenti.pdf
(5,1 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_11 - compresoare ajutaje abur.pdf
(5,3 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_12 - scule menghine suporti.pdf
(5,8 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_13 - filtre valve pinole.pdf
(5,9 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_14 - regulatoare lunete strung.pdf
(4,8 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_15 - roti angrenaje lanturi.pdf
(4.5 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_16 - regulatoare ansambluri complete.pdf
(4,3 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_17 - carlige cricuri robineti.pdf
(5,7 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_18 - robineti.pdf
(4,9 MB) timoteo-carreras_soto_19 - izolatori contactori scule.pdf


(102 MB) Timoteo-Carreras_Soto All-In-One.pdf