Acest capitol este scris în limba engleză pentru a fi accesibil oricui caută „TI-59” în lumea întreagă...

Texas Instruments calculator TI-59



History. On February 23 1980 I wrote my first program on a Texas Instruments TI-59 calculator. I spent a lot of money to buy this calculator, particularly given the conditions in Romania at the time, but I did get it! The problem was that the documentation was written in Italian! The Romanian language is very similar to Italian, but the actual words of the domain were as cryptic as in, say, the Czech language. I was so interested by the problem itself that this little impediment was nothing for me. Year after year I used this calculator, and so I became addicted to it...

I still have the calculator, and its picture was taken by me on July, 8th, 2014.

My TI-59

The other day I searched the net to see if the interest in this matter is still present. It was a surprise for me to have found here a free emulator for Windows for this calculator.

As you will see, the emulator was created by ing. Miroslav Nĕmeček from the Czech Republic in the year 2000.

The emulator is freeware and you can download it from the above address (or directly from here: TI59.exe). All the kit is an exe (TI59.exe) of around 438 KB, and you can install it in your Windows OS. After this, you will find your directory C:\Program Files\Peter. Inside it, opening \PROGRAM\MATHEMAT\TI-59 you will find another exe (TI-59.exe) of 1,34 MB. This is the very emulator, and you can make a shortcut to launch it from the desktop.

The only problem is that the program help is written in Czech language, so you cannot understand a word... Using my poor ability in this language, and the great help of Google Translation, I translated the help in English. I can tell you that I can speak a few words in Czech (Ja mluvim nekolik slovi po češťina).

Beside this, I added some examples, so you can use the emulator with all you need. Download my translation from below, and have fun!

Translated TI-59 Emulator HELP

If you find either wrong translation or mistakes of any kind, please write to me at the address: I'll do my best to answer and to improve that translation. Although, you have to be kind with me. Why? Well, you see, I am a Romanian old man (69), who learned 34 years ago the use of that calculator from an Italian documentation, and who translated now another documentation from Czech language to English. Now I ask you: where is my native Romanian language? Be sure that I can answer you, because I really know how to use my TI-59.