Here you can find exactly 100 technical drawings (pdf, ISO standard) with correspondingly 100 pictures (jpg) for 100 mechanical parts. They are ordered by complexity from easy to difficult and summarized in the drawing All 100 Parts (pdf).

You can use this PDFs and JPGs to practice modeling with any 3D CAD software, from AutoCAD to Autodesk Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Creo Parametric etc..

Copyright Precautions: You can freely download all this 201 files, print and use them for yourself. If you want to use them in order to earn money by any means (publications, courses, training a.s.o.), then you must mention the source (Prof. Constantin STANCESCU) and send a courtesy message on the address

Here are all 201 files (mostly zipped):

Summary - All 100 parts.pdf (to be printed)

Parts 001-010 (pdf).zip & Parts 001-010 (jpg).zip

Parts 011-020 (pdf).zip & Parts 011-020 (jpg).zip

Parts 021-030 (pdf).zip & Parts 021-030 (

Parts 031-040 (pdf).zip & Parts 031-040 (jpg).zip

Parts 041-050 (pdf).zip & Parts 041-050 (jpg).zip

Parts 051-060 (pdf).zip & Parts 051-060 (jpg).zip

Parts 061-070 (pdf).zip & Parts 061-070 (jpg).zip

Parts 071-080 (pdf).zip & Parts 071-080 (jpg).zip

Parts 081-090 (pdf).zip & Parts 081-090 (jpg).zip

Parts 091-100 (pdf).zip & Parts 091-100 (jpg).zip

Important: All 3D parts from this Album modeled by the author with Autodesk Inventor can be find on the site starting with this one: